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ABOUT THE BOOK – Over 10 years ago God placed a burden on my heart to reach my people, Hispanic people, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since then, I felt it an obligation to investigate the Spanish Bible issue so that I can know which version I should use to minister to my people. After several years of prayer and research, I finally found a Spanish Bible that lines up with the Received Texts 100%. At the request of others, I worked for 2 years on putting a book together that would thoroughly discuss this issue. The book is finally completed.

  • The book GOD’S BIBLE IN SPANISH is available through Chick Publications (here).
  • The book is also available in Spanish here.

What you’ll find in this book:

* You’ll learn about the history of the Spanish Reina-Valera Bible and the persecution that God’s people suffered, at the hands of the Roman Catholic church, in their courageous efforts to provide the Spanish-speaking world with God’s Word.

* You’ll see that since 1602 modernistic, ecumenical Bible societies openly admit to deliberately replacing many Textus Receptus based readings with the Alexandrian Critical Texts in their revisions of the Reina-Valera.

* You’ll see how God worked in the life of Dr. Humberto Gomez, a Bible-believing, Church planting, veteran Missionary to his own people for 40 years and a native Spanish-speaker, to revise the 1909 edition of the Reina-Valera with the goal of eliminating all traces of the Critical Text and replacing them with readings based in the Received Texts.

* You’ll see how God brought together Bible-believing Christians from all over the Spanish-speaking world to not only embrace this revision but to also collaborate with Dr. Gomez in his revision efforts until the final edition was finally completed in what is now being called the 2010 Reina-Valera Gomez Bible (or RVG).

* You’ll see the changes that were made in this revision to bring the Reina-Valera Bible completely in line with the Received Texts in an exhaustive chart, found in the end of the book, which compares the RVG to the 1960 RV and other Spanish Bibles.

My sincere prayer is that God will use this book to answer the questions of those who have been puzzled over the issue of which Spanish Bible is the most pure and accurate.