Links – Calvary Baptist Church in Beaufort, SC.  This is our home and sending church. – Word For The World Baptist Ministries.  The founder is the late Dr. Homer Smith.  WFTW is a ministry of helps dedicated to serving missionaries in their endeavors to make it to the field and stay there.  They have nearly 30 years of experience. They are not your typical “Mission Board” in that they do not take any percantage of the Missionary’s financial support.  They simply operate by faith as the staff members raise their own support.  Their philosophy is that the Missionary is to answer to their local church rather than the “Mission Board”.  WFTW simply assists the Missionary in the financial aspect of their ministries and allows the Missionary to be led of God through their local church for everything else.  We are glad to have WFTW backing and assisting us. – Website (in Spanish) for our church here in Jayuya, Puerto Rico.